7 Reasons to Travel While You’re Still Young

I do believe that not everyone is fortunate enough to travel from a very tender age. However, bringing a change in every individual’s fate solely depends on himself. Young people these days tend to put off travel, being weighed down by burdening career goals and routine activities. We often have various reasons and excuses put off travel starting from lack of funds to family priorities and from completing formal education to getting a high paid corporate job.

I have been among those fortunate kids to have had a chance to travel extensively across India since I was just 11 months young. In the years that followed, I learnt a lot about traveling while on my family trips to different parts of India and a few trips abroad. These travel experiences immensely contributed to the success of my first ever solo trip to Europe earlier this year (2016).

As Mark Twain said, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do”.

Even though there might be endless reasons to travel, I would like to highlight 7 reasons that will definitely inspire one more soul to travel.

  1. Making friends across the globe

Traveling young gives you never-ending opportunities to meet like-minded, crazy and enthusiastic individuals from different parts of the world. Interacting with people of different cultures helps understand different aspects life on this planet. Since the inception of Internet, meeting people through various websites or pages on different social media platforms has become a piece of cake.While meeting travelers in hostels is very common these days, travel hosting and meeting websites such as Couchsurfing, Bewelcome, Meeple, Warmshowers and Trustroots have also helped wanderers immensely while away from home.


2. Taking care of the finances

Traveling helps you to manage your funds in the most optimum manner. Traveling inculcates the habit of using your hard-earned money on things that you need instead of splurging it on desired and unnecessary things and services. Setting off on a solo adventure with limited budget at a very young age helps to garner our budgeting skills to the best of its ability.


3. Countless number of stories to share

While traveling, every person, every place, every meeting, every second and every day is a whole new story. Each trip gives you countless number of stories to share with your friends, family, relatives, colleagues, wife, kids and grandkids.


4. Enrich your knowledge

I am sure that most of us have never been too excited about history or geography in our schools. We always wished to have had a better ways to learn these subjects instead just reading the text books. So how about taking a trip all the way to Berlin to see the remnants of the Berlin wall or climbing Mt. Everest, the tallest mountain on this planet? Does it not sound fascinating? So why not set off on such trips that will once again slide through those pages of our history and geography books as we hop from city to city and from country to country.


5. Life is too short for such a huge planet

The globe seems to be too big for such a short life. Travel young because there’s no guarantee of a tomorrow. You never know what might happen the next minute. So wouldn’t it be a great idea to start ticking off our bucketlist when we are young and able?


6. Helps us appreciate little things

Consumerism and materialism has taken over our lives to such a level that we often fail to be thankful for all those little important things in life that so many others aren’t fortunate enough to have. A trip to Africa or one to India (right here in my courtyard) will definitely help you to be more appreciative of what you have and can have, while millions of people still struggle to have a single meal a day.


7. Stepping out of the comfort zone

Back home we normally try to do everything in a copy-book style. Starting from our early morning wake ups to our jobs to eating food to good nights. We try to keep things simple by sticking to a our routine everyday. Traveling at an early stage of life teaches us step out of the comfort zone that we have created in our day-to-day lives and face challenges and new tasks to broaden our horizons.



And yet there are more and more reasons that one can have to travel while still young. But if you’re really willing to travel and experience the magic, a single reason to explore is mighty enough for you to book your next journey.

I hope this article motivates you to set off on your own adventure trips. Do share your stories with us. Thanks a ton for reading.

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Ciao/Do Widzenia/Buhbye until the next post.

Keep Traveling (y)


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  1. Awesome 😍😍

  2. awsome one brother !!!

  3. Nice one Clive πŸ‘Œ

  4. Harrison Mathos says: Reply

    This is Amazing and well written…
    Keep up the Good work.. Hopefully we can travel together someday…

    1. Thanks Harrison
      Yes sure someday we could πŸ™‚

  5. Nice oneπŸ‘Œ

  6. i loved the article I feel identified with this seven reasons , maybe your next article could be about travel tips

    1. Thanks Paola
      Yes, I will try that
      Don’t forget you’re accompanying me in southeast Asia πŸ˜›

  7. You are amazing. Keep being.

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words @sylwia

  8. Francis D'abreo says: Reply

    Nice one ! The way you have penned down your thoughts is laudable. Keep it up and best wishes from us πŸ™‚

  9. Love how straightforward and organised each point is πŸ‘ŒπŸ» Keep it up!

  10. Thats cool! I want to travel with you πŸ˜€

    1. Yes definitely we will do that πŸ™‚

  11. Andrades Lapson says: Reply

    I liked the way it’s been put up!
    Good luck for your travel ventures.
    May you go beyond the horizon & Explore the world.

    1. Thanks for your kind words @lapson

  12. Kristina Smiljković says: Reply

    Nice set!! πŸ‘Œ I really like your story and experience that you got during your visit to Europe.
    Mark Twan quote, perfect!
    Well done my dear friend! 😊

  13. A great post. Definitely the reason I love travelling with my two young sons. Seeing the world through their eyes is a brilliant experience as well.

  14. All those reasons are cool and I’m happy I started traveling young. Many people wait until they are pensioners – of course, travel at any age is fun, but when you’re 70, I think, it’s more difficult to travel in an adventurous way! But I’m sure there are some active people beyond that age!

  15. Those are great reasons because life on the road is the world’s greatest lessons in my opinion. My only concern is what happens after you get back from all that travelling!

  16. blair villanueva says: Reply

    The best part of travelling is, you become a more open and understand person and gained more patience. Life is too short to stay in one land mass.

  17. I absolutely hear you and am happy I made the best of my travels until now. Travelling makes you more open to other people, cultures, … Although it’s great to travel when you are young, I thing I will continue travelling until the very end. Once you get bitten by the travel bug, you can’t stop exploring the world πŸ™‚

  18. Good points! Young minds absorb a lot too and they learn to adjust well.
    The problem is by the time you save up for travel you are no longer young. πŸ˜› πŸ™‚

  19. Shane Prather says: Reply

    It’s scary to think there is SO much to see in the world and we will never possibly be able to see it all! Love this inspiration.

  20. These are all great reasons to travel when you are young. I didn’t start to travel until I graduated from college and I regret that. But I was still pretty young! I think the fact that it is educational was my favorite reason to travel.

  21. I agree with you in all written thoughts of travelling when young. I would add just one more: When you are young, you’re more fit and in good health for traveling. Heath is important always, but especially when travelling.

  22. blair villanueva says: Reply

    I agree with all your points especially making friends along the way. Sometimes you’ll meet the best people to your destination.

  23. I agree with whatever you have said here. We, youngsters, are actually so loaded with the burden of our career and growth and we forget to enjoy and see the best. Travel teaches us so much and the life is really short to see the whole planet. So, it is good to start at young.

  24. Better to do it young. I am in my mid fifties and travelling Asia for fun after having trekked the worl on “business trips”. I wished i had spent time discovering the world when i was in my twenties. I would have lived my life differently with more compassion and understanding of other cultures.

  25. So true! I’m so glad that I started travelling when I was quite young; my first proper trip was when I was only 18 and haven’t stopped since then! There’s so many places that I’d like to visit that probably I don’t have enough time in my lifetime πŸ™‚

  26. Age does not matter but yes, traveling always creates experiences that make your life meaningful. It teaches you so much in life..like how to appreciate life itself. I know I have learnt a lot. Cheers

  27. All of these tips are spot on — especially enriching your knowledge and making friends – travel makes you so much more open to seeing new perspectives and experiencing all types of things! I’ve made some of my best friends while traveling.

  28. I think we should travel when we are young, when we are old, whenever we get the chance to. Because traveling makes us who we are and it opens our eyes towards what’s behind our back garden. It makes us humble and it makes us better people.

  29. A very well written post. Every reason you mentioned is absolutely true. however, there is no age to start traveling. All these factors will remain true even if someone starts traveling at 50.. Nevertheless, the lessons learnt from traveling surpasses everything we learn in our textbooks. πŸ™‚

  30. Well, I’m not sure that travel has helped me with my finances, but the post is great overall!

  31. Thanks for this – these are good reasons to travel young, and I use these justifications all the time when planning another trip. Travel gives us riches that are very difficult to get from any other places, and the friends you make on the way stay with you for life.

  32. Great points, all! But with so many young people travelling now, I feel what we need to stress now is “reasons you need to travel even when you’re not that young”. People tend to think they’re too old to travel …

  33. Laveena Sengar says: Reply

    I completely agree on this one. I feel that life is too short to complete the planet and it is a shame if we are not aware of what’s around.

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