Posted by Clive Andrades on November 25, 2016

Just when a bug bites

All of a sudden, just when I was thinking of settling down in life by completing my masters before getting a well paid job in the finance sector; this venomous bug bites me!

Traveling has since then taken a toll on me.

It was recently in 2014 that an educational trip to Hanover, Germany (as it was suppose to be) turned into a mix of solo adventure to Wroclaw and few trips to Amsterdam, Prague and Berlin along with new friends I met in Hanover.

I have been an avid vacationist, traveling once or twice every year with my family and friends for a long time. However, this trip was something different. In many ways it seemed to enlighten me with different teachings that are hard to find in books. That’s when I realized what it meant to be facing fears, getting out of the comfort zone and living in the moment.

And then, the words of St Augustine of Hippo struck as a lightning to me.

“The world is a book, and those who don’t travel only read one page.”