While everyone was busy celebrating ‘Valentine’s Day’, I was planning my ‘Next Trip’

It’s a day that symbolizes love. A day of love, which reminds us of this great person, ‘St. Valentine’ who was martyred on 14th February 273 AD after being arrested and imprisoned for uniting and marrying young couples who were madly in love with each other.

Today, in the twenty first century, the popularity of this day has grown leaps and bounds as we can see thousands and thousands of couples from all over the world boosting their love on every social platform they come across.

Amidst some heart touching status, images and videos, we also come across numerous trolls that depict a “True Story” 😀

Valentine’s Day Trolls

While many of your relatives, friends and colleagues were busy celebrating this wonderful day, YOU were doing “that something”. Something that might make you famous or maybe following a daily routine (school, college, office) or lying down day dreaming of a princess on a white horse. No matter what it was, the truth remains that the above trolls definitely show you a real picture.

So was the day for me. I was one among the many in those trolls. But yes, my story was different and I can proudly tell you my story.

5:30 AM

Mom: Wake up Clive

Me: Oh come on mumma, just 5 more mins

Mom: Okay but hurry up we need to leave

Me: hmmmmm…. Goodnight

5:45 AM

Beep … Beep … (Alarm rings)

Wakes up, grabs car keys, runs downstairs and off we go.


To a vegetable market 😀 That’s how this day started off for me.

These mothers you know, they love to wake up early and do all sorts of work and we poor kids fall victim to this 😛

I drop her off at the market, drive back home and sleep for another hour or so.


Rest of the day was supposed to work out just as every other week day. However, it turned out I had to stay back home and get some miscellaneous work done. It was followed by a normal day until lunch.


The yummy food restored me with some sort of energy that made me rush to my computer right after the lunch to check out for travel deals if any. So then I started my hunt for the next destination. I have had the continent on my mind for a long period of time. But was yet to take a step forward to almost finalize and work on the itinerary.

Map – South East Asia

2:00 PM

Off to work. Meanwhile, on the desk my travel planning continued.

Looking for cheap accommodations:

    1. Booking.com

       2. Airbnb

    3. Couchsurfing


So I always start my planning by checking out the accommodation and flight options that are feasible to me. While looking for a place to sleep, my top bets have always been booking.com, airbnb and couchsurfing. While many other travelers also consider hostelworld.com, which again is a very good option.

5:00 PM

While on my way back home from work. Searching for cheaper flights on Skyscanner and Kayak which are among the top websites to compare airfares across the globe. However, my top three choices are yatra, goibibo and makemytrip.

5:30 PM

Back home. Time to relax.

I get on my computer and start promoting my facebook page and its already time for dinner.

“Yes, I was there. Where Next?”

Anyways, I know this post was totally out of context. Haven’t really had time to write as I was pretty much occupied with too many things along with designing this website. (Of which I had no knowledge and hence took a little more time to get a decent thing up here)

Wish you all a very happy Valentine’s Day. Loads of love and loads of traveling in years to come.


5 Replies to “While everyone was busy celebrating ‘Valentine’s Day’, I was planning my ‘Next Trip’”

  1. Haha! I just love these kind of post! They make me realize life is to short to be serious all the time! I hope you have a great trip ahead of you! Take care!

    1. Clive Andrades says: Reply

      hehehe yes life is definitely short for all our to be done someday activities. We have to get going now 🙂
      Btw thanks for your encouraging words @laura 😀

  2. You forget to mention this
    Round 8 30 -09:00pm
    I (Clive) came across on his bike while his friends were busy on some topic as I park my bike and manage to speak with my frnds in which 1 frnds wenevr i see him(Roshan) hes looks cool n handsome wish i could be like him anyways suddenly a topic arises of traveling for a bachelor’s party trip to Ukraine.
    Travel plans are getting more exciting day by day…✈🛫🛬

    1. Clive Andrades says: Reply

      hahaha yes yes @roshan
      Im so sorry I forgot to get that part in here. But yes that was one more planning session that I had on this wonderful day 😀 Lets make that trip possible

  3. Fun short and oh yeah – you are gonna have a fun trip! You should totally make this trip happen 🙂

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